Who We are

Tiger Energy Services, Inc. is a niche technology development company based in Texas, USA.  Our primary focus is to deliver best in class high temperature production logging technologies to the market without the exorbitant pricing commonplace in the energy market.  We design, engineer and manufacture our components to strict standards made almost entirely of materials crafted in the USA.  We know that your business requires you to be excellent and we hope that our products help you to deliver on that expectation.

How We Got Here

In 2008, Tiger Energy Services, Inc. (TES) was created as a growth enterprise of Tiger Cased Hole Services, Inc. (TCHS) in Signal Hill, California.  TCHS had a storied history of wireline and pipe recovery excellence in the Southern California market since the mid-eighties. TES leveraged the TCHS service resume while focusing on an emerging high-temperature wireline services market that was gaining traction from a revived renewable energy market, specifically geothermal energy production.  Both companies prospered as new opportunities were shared between companies.  Both companies remained private entities without external investment.

In 2014, after a period of continued growth, TCHS business interests were sold to C&J Energy Services Inc. (NYSE: CJ) headquartered in Houston, TX (www.cjenergy.com).  In 2017, after an eight year expansion focused on Latin America and South East Asia,  TES interests were sold to National Petroleum Services headquartered in Dubai (www.npsintl.com).

What remains of TES today are a small group of engineers that were responsible for developing the leveraging technologies that helped shape the market prospects for Tiger.  We are now making the technologies available to the market under the same strict manufacturing and quality controls we produced exclusively for Tiger.  We look forward to helping our customers grow their business.



Peter B. Mercure

Peter B. Mercure


Mr. Mercure is an original founder and now President of Tiger Energy Services.  Having lead the Company from a small domestic start-up to a multi-national energy services company, his interests remain in developing leveraging technologies for the energy markets.  Tiger’s foundation of prioritizing “Client Needs” resonates as we shift focus from wireline services to technology production. Mr. Mercure holds a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Satisfying Client needs ranks first in the list of business priorities.  We deliver strategic advantages to the market while leading in performance and reliability.


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