Featuring full high temperature Capstone PTS functionality

Additional Sensing Capability.

The Capstone PTS GR CCL system is a limited availability high temperature development from our engineers.  This system packs the same Capstone PTS telemetry and sensor interface boards on a specialized hollow steel chassis that accommodates new sensor installations featuring Hamamatsu™ photomultiplier tubes and NaI scintillation crystals and a twin-magnet CCL coil.  Capstone PTS GR CCL benefits from an upgraded Quartzdyne digital quartz pressure sensor.
The Capstone PTS GR CCL system are sold in pairs including the necessary dewar flasks (flowmeters sold separately).


Scintillation Gamma Ray

Built by the leader in photometry, Hamamatsu™ ruggedized, high temperature,  & magnetically shielded photomultiplier tubes and sodium-iodide crystal scintillators have been integrated into the design.

Casing Collar Locator

Single-coil CCL design is both simple and robust.  Utilizes Tiger’s custom CCL amplifier board.

Create the Logging System Specific to Your Business

With Capstone, you are not locked in to only purchasing complete systems.  Work with us to optimize your investment dollars by only acquiring the inventory you need and no more.

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