A serious evolution in high-temperature production logging

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Pressure (barg)

Temperature (°C)

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Precision machined stainless steel chassis heat treated for strength & stress reduction.

Engineered for the Toughest Environments




Chassis design tailored specifically to optimizing Capstone electronic & sensor integration, thereby reducing length & total components. Monolithic design increases maintenance, repair, and operational efficiency while also maximizing thermal resistance.

An Electronics Designed for this Millenium.

Simple yet Robust. Powerfully Effective

With over two years in development and testing, Capstone leverages the best ideas from three major production logging producers into one compact and effective package.  The telemetry was created by Scientific Data Systems and customized to the needs of high temperature production logging.  The sensor monitoring board is the brain of the operation and focuses on stability and ruggedness and provides useful LED dianostics.  Mechanical connections and electrical connections have been thought out to ensure operational stability and success.

4/sec Standard Sample Rate


Customizable Firmware


Ease of Serviceability


We Have Taken An Updated Approach to Logging Instrument Design

Design Improvements

This system is built on top of a specialized high-mass monolithic steel chassis that impressively manages heat ingress for extended logging operations.   Attached to the specialized chassis are familiar MITCO Industries (California) heat isolation components that have proven themselves competent high-temperature logging instrument designs along with a few of their own innovations that simplify logging instrument operation.

Optimum Sensor Selections

Included sensors are wellbore pressure measurements by Paine, Omega fast-response platinum RTD for precision temperature observation, three frequency matched reed switches for flow measurement, onboard internal temperature monitoring and tool body inclination for real-time observation of wellbore deviation.  These sensors are designed to work in a sustained temperature environment of 300C and more.

Quick Swap Boards

From the SDS Warrior designed telemetry system to the proprietary sensor interface board we have designed the entire mechanical lay-out to facilitate on-site repairs and maintenance to minimize downtime.  The optional service and/or electronics kits provide a level of redundancy that will ensure your operations never stop because of an instrument misstep.

Inclination and Multi-Point Internal Temperature

We had the footprint, so we added features.

9 axis gyro-magnetometer-accelerometer on board to give you tool high-side and inclination along with total gravity.  This information is reported in real-time along with that standard PTS data acquisition.  
To ensure you are connected with the instrument’s vital signs, we report multiple onboard temperature reports from microchip dies.  If that isn’t enough, then you will certainly rest easier knowing that we have a dedicated onboard RTD keeping an eye out on internal tool temperature.

Warrior System Compatibility

Designed in Conjunction with
Scientific Data Systems.

The Warrior Well Logging System is the leading surface acquisition system in the oilfield.  The Capstone telemetry has been designed with Scientific Data Systems providing unprecedented control and ease of setup and use with Warrior.
Service and Tool Files will be included with your purchase and can be modified to fit your particular operation.

Reduce Cost and Maximize Uptime by Self Servicing

Gone are the long turnarounds, poor service quality, high prices and disconnected OEM’s to your business.  The sum of those issues caused us to build Capstone and further encouraged us to sell the technology. You need the equipment in the field working, not on an overseas journey to the one facility deemed qualified enough to repair it.  We put the service ability in your hands through written procedures that are straight-forward and through an online catalog that provides you with access to everything you need to keep your equipment running at full speed.  The biggest bonus is independence and your total cost savings you are rewarded with.
However, we still provide a full service, maintenance, & repair for customers that choose that option.

A Convenient Upgrade for Existing K10 Owners

The illustration below shows a Kuster brand K10 Geothermal logging instrument (top model) ready to be loaded into a flask along side (bottom model) a Capstone PTS instrument.  The purpose of this illustration is to demonstrate that our Capstone product is a direct replacement to the legacy and complicated K10 design and will allow reuse of your existing Kuster supplied flasks and spinners (OEM is MITCO).  As a bonus, your familiarity with how to redress the instrument before logging operations will transfer to Capstone without the need for retraining your teams.

Optimize Your Investment, Invest In Only What You Need

You know your business best.  With the Capstone PTS Logging System, you have the freedom to select the components necessary for your market needs.  Optimize your investment by selecting a tailored equipment load-out and reduce the redundancy of equipment that you don’t need.

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