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Tiger Energy Services has tasked Fernworx with improving the existing Kuster K10 PTS logging system.

If Kuster’s K10 PTS platform could be described in a single word, it would be Reliable.  Where many other, often technically superior, instruments failed due to mechanical design flaws, over-complicated sensor interfaces, or the inability to handle extreme temperatures, the K10 solution’s simplicity led to its use as Tiger’s go-to well assessment tool.

The decision to initiate the innovation process began in accordance with the most recent downturn of energy markets.  The ability to manufacture downhole instrument electronics in house both dramatically reduces overhead for logging operations, and facilitates longer uptime in the field by reducing repair turnaround and providing spares.  Upon realizing these benefits, Tiger made the decision to bring technology developers into the mix.

Enter Fernworx.

The Tiger-owned development team has completed work on creating a Kuster compatible PTS system that can directly replace existing Kuster electronics, thus ensuring the continued use of Tiger’s existing fleet of K10 PTS tools.  This has the additional benefit of eliminating the need for a costly new design of an electronics chassis and relevant hardware, reducing costs in both materials, external design consulting, and design time.

The new electronics package has been so successful that Tiger has decided to share it with the entire energy services industry.  Our K10 upgrade is available as direct individual circuit board replacements, for instances such as replacing of a burned out board, all the way up to entire upgrade packages.


Fernworx has discussed optimal sensor output analysis with leading sensor and transducer manufacturers to ensure quality data acquisition.  We use only the most robust and proven sensors to provide a reliable, accurate, and precise output data stream that service companies can trust.



Platinum 1000 ohm RTD’s sealed with thermally conductive paste in Inconel tubing provides quick response to temperature fluctuations


While still compatible with the old Keller Series 8 piezoresistive line of pressure sensors, Fernworx recommends the use of Paine pressure transducers.

Flow Rate

2 or 3 reed switches are constantly monitored by the electronics to calculate rotational velocity in counts-per-second, also available in RPM.  Volumetric flow rate can then be calculated with knowledge of the spinner shape, and the well environment’s intrinsic geometric and fluidic properties.


The entire suite of K10 upgrades, which Fernworx has taken to calling a Service Kit, is available as a sensor board & power/telemetry board combination, with a set of PTS sensors specifically pre-calibrated with the electronics.  A comprehensive calibration certificate is provided with each core package that lists all acquired calibration points, and all necessary coefficients for both temperature and pressure.

Our calibration procedure has been carefully thought out, with elements borrowed from many of the leading industry sensor manufacturers, and is handled completely in-house.  This calibration procedure is also available to service companies and technology developers alike as a low-cost, quick way to re-calibrate any PTS system.

K10 Instrument Hardware


Some problems with the K10 platform manifested themselves in the mechanical design of the different pieces of the system and the manner in which they connected together.  Fernworx has improved many of these pieces by listening to common industry complaints and working with knowledgeable field engineers who have experienced these problems first hand.

The telemetry chassis has been redesigned to provide a more reliable ground connection, gain time downhole by maximizing metal mass to sink invasive well heat, and facilitate the swapping of telemetry boards by exposing the board and including quick connects.

The electronics are still completely compatible with the existing Kuster tools, so no hardware upgrade is necessary to experience the tangible benefits of the 01K system.


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