01K 5kpsi Pressure Sensor


Keller strain gauge.

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Keller pressure sensor compatible with the Tiger 01K / Kuster K10 PTS platform.  Tiger has secured a small RTD on the back of the pressure sensor to allow for compensation of pressure readings as the temperature of the pressure sensor changes.

Note: Pressure sensors must be calibrated to a specific sensor board.  It is recommended to purchase Service Kits that include calibrated sensor/electronics pairs.

Part Number: SENS-002-KSG-0001

Component of:

01K PTS Service Kit  Part Number: KIT-001-002
01K PT Service Kit    Part Number: KIT-001-001

Included with Sensor:

1x          CONS-001-0012             Viton Primary O-ring Seal

1x          CONS-001-8625             PTFE Teflon Backup Ring

1x          Temperature Compensation Circuit Board

1x          Wiring Harness

Calibration to New OR OEM board Included
Assembly Included

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