01K Power/Telemetry Assembly


Redesigned replacement K10 power/telemetry board and chassis.

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This is a complete redesign of the Kuster brand K10 SRO Geothermal telemetry transmitter.

One of the major problems in the K10 system is proper internal grounding of the telemetry interface. Furthermore, the pencil styled design by the OEM created major problems with heat trapping leading to premature circuitry failure followed by cumbersome and expensive repairs charged by the OEM. We have totally redesigned this system on a monolithic chassis to pull heat away from the electronics and while making any servicing requirement effortless. This assembled component is an exact fit for your existing K10 Geothermal SRO instrument and is wired for simplistic telemetry electronics changeout. We sell back-up telemetry boards separately for your spares inventory which can be changed out without tools in a matter of minutes.  Extra care has been taken to provide a solid ground path by securing a ground lug to the chassis itself, ensuring that the contact between the PCB chassis and the instrument chassis will never break due to vibrational stress.  The PCB chassis is thus grounded to the instrument chassis through a pair of circular springs at the top and bottom ends.

Part Number: INST-041-000

 01K Power/Telemetry User Manual


2x   01K Power/Telemetry Board  (1 Spare)

1x   01K Power/Telemetry Chassis

Assembly Included, Shipped in ESD Safe Packaging

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