01K Power/Telemetry Board


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This power & telemetry board is designed to be compatible with the 01K Series sensor board as well as OEM Kuster electronics.  This is Tiger’s basic, low cost PTS logging option, and is also a suitable in-kind replacement of the Kuster K10 PTS system.

Designed to operate off of a SDS Warrior surface panel or the Kuster SRO system, this board supplies 3.3v DC to the sensor board using power derived from the wireline, while simultaneously receiving a serial stream of data and modulating it onto the wireline.

There are a few improvements over the previous K10 design that include; extra LED indicators, upgraded components that use the most current chip versions from manufacturers.  All components are rated to an 85°C operating temperature; an improvement over the previous 70°C components.

Available as assembled PCB for the OEM Kuster brand Power/Telemetry Tube, or pre-wired for Tiger’s quick connection chassis.

Part Number: PCBA-001-021

 01K Power/Telemetry System User Manual

Length 75mm
Width 13mm
Maximum Operating Temperature 100°C
Maximum Wireline Operating Voltage 24v DC


Assembly Included, Shipped in ESD Safe Packaging

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Kuster OEM connectors, 01K chassis connectors

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