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01k Telemetry Chassis only.

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The 01K Power/Telemetry chassis has been designed as a replacement for Kuster’s original enclosed tube design.  Tiger has noticed a few negative aspects of this design including signal integrity, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Our 01K chassis has been designed open-faced, with the electronics exposed.  Not only does this allow for observation of the LEDs on the board for diagnostics purposes, but it also allows easy access to the telemetry electronics.  Downtime during a job is costly and inefficient, so the primary goal of the new design is to shorten the time needed to replace cooked electronics.  The external connectors that provide the connection between the telemetry component, the wireline, and the sensor interface PCB have now been wired to internal connectors, allowing for quick and easy replacement of a burnt telemetry board.

The OEM design suffered from poor grounding techniques, resulting in dropped signal or poor signal quality.  Extra care has been taken to provide a solid ground path, ensuring that the contact between the PCB chassis and the instrument chassis will never break.  We’ve solved this issue by securing the ground connection from the PCB with an eyelet that screws into the chassis itself.  The PCB chassis is then grounded to the instrument chassis through a pair of springs at the top and bottom of the chassis.

Part Number: TES-ME-50001-0

Component of: 01K Power/Telemetry Assembly – Part Number: INST-041-000

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