Capstone HT PTS System


Capstone high-temperature PTS production logging system.? (No flask or flowmeter)

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The Capstone HT PTS System was designed to be one of the most flexible and modular production logging cores ever built.  The problems Tiger faced with it’s logging instrument suppliers was their lack of technology adaptability and customization to our Client’s and market’s needs.  We have developed this system with the mission to be able to deliver both hardware and firmware specific customization for our Clients. Whether you require a high precision PTS instrument for Geothermal, a GR/CCL/PTS system for oil/gas or something in between, we utilize the same electronics payload across the platform.  What we don’t include is the hyper-inflated pricing and long lead times you will find at the traditional outlets for lesser qualified equipment.

The foundation of the Capstone Product line is the incredibly capable Power/Telemetry system whose design is both licensed from and developed in conjunction with Scientific Data Systems – the manufacturer of the Warrior Logging System in use around the world.  SDS knows a thing or two about effective telemetry systems and the fact that they have influence over both the surface and downhole handshakes creates a uniquely competent platform for instrument communication and power.

The heavy lifting is managed by the Capstone Sensor System capable of monitoring an abundance of sensor configurations.  Our design provides LED function indication for operational reassurance and an open hardware design that facilitates equipment maintenance and servicing.

This rugged design includes pressure, temperature, Inclination and flowmeter sensors for operations that demand daily or frequent high-temperature wireline production logging. This assembled instrument serves as a direct replacement of the K10 SRO Geothermal logging instrument so you can reuse the mating flasks and flowmeters made by MITCO® in your inventory. Made in the USA.

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