K10 Compatible Rechargeable Battery Module


Lithium Ion Battery Cell.

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The K10 compatible rechargeable battery module was created out of a necessity for travel-friendly and highly reusable battery to power memory logging operations.  Lithium-primary batteries have traditionally dominated this space due to their high energy density, but the costly import duties and tariffs along with shipment regulations have burdened the process for years.

The Fernworx battery module provides enough power for roughly 40 hours of logging time, and can provide consistent performance up to 100°C.  It is also rechargeable for up to 15 complete discharge/charge cycles, dependant on battery exposure to sustained elevated temperatures.

When connected to a K10 logging instrument, the battery module will pulse LED’s providing visible confirmation of instrument operation.


Note: The K10 Compatiable Rechargeable Battery Module is a rechargeable battery cell designed for use only with the Pandora Instrument Interface Unit/System.  DO NOT attempt to charge Kuster brand battery cells with the Pandora System as they contain volatile lithium metal battery cells that are not rechargeable. Any attempts to charge lithium metal batteries could result in serious injury or death.

Part Number: HW-008-001-0033

Component of: Pandora Instrument Interface System    Part Number: KIT-004-00A

Length 87.75mm
Diameter 14mm
Maximum Operating Temperature 100°C
Capacity 750mAh / 2.8Wh
Approx. Logging Time 40 hours

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