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The rebuild kits are a Tiger solution to the problems that arise from sensor or electronics failures.  Tiger calibrates one assembly of sensor board electronics with an associated pressure/temperature sensor pair.  Once calibrated together, the sensors and boards may not be interchanged between different sets.

While this means that the pressure and temperature sensors as well as the sensor board must all be replaced together to ensure that the replacement kit delivers properly calibrated data.  There are several options that will facilitate replacement of destroyed components.  Tiger recommends that service providers upgrade to modified 01K hardware, which eliminates the need for any soldering work to install new rebuild kits.

Part Number: KIT-001-001

 01K Service Kit Installation Guide

 01K Sensor Board User Manual


1x         PCBA-002-031                         TES 01K Sensor PCB

1x         SENS-001-2WP-0001          2-Wire RTD 1kΩ

1x         SENS-002-KSG-0001           Piezoelectric Pressure Transducer 5k psi

1x         CONS-008-117                       Transparent Bulkhead Tubing for Reed Switch Wires

1x                                                                     USB Stick with Calibration Files

 Assembly Included, Shipped in ESD Safe packaging

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