Pandora Instrument Interface System


Complete Pandora System.

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This all-in-one interface is packaged around a rugged anodized aluminum housing that protects the sensitive electronics to accidental drops and accidental damage. This system was created to eliminate the need for 3 separate pieces of equipment required for unlocking the full functionality of the Kuster brand K10 Geothermal production logging instrument.

The Memory Mode Link is a replacement of the Kuster brand iBox product that is necessary for the instrument to communicate with the Kuster brand K10 software. Through the manufacturer’s software, you are able to program the instrument for memory surveys, change between SRO and Memory firmware options, view real-time data output from the instrument for pre-job checks, download memory data from the instrument and a host of other useful features. Without the Memory interface, you cannot recover data from the instrument after a logging job.  LED’s indicate instrument power and telemetry activity.

The SRO Communication Module substitutes for for a 01K Power/Telemetry system that allows for bench top testing of the instrument through a Warrior logging system.  Pandora eliminates the need for a dedicated Power/Telemetry module to test the instrument eliminating the need to buy dedicated Power/Telemetry modules for technicians. Surface mount LED’s indicate instrument power and telemetry activity.

The Intelligent Battery Charger carefully charges and monitors battery performance eliminating the possibility of overcharging. This system can fully charge the 01K Rechargeable Battery in under 4 hours. We include 2 of the 01K Rechargeable Instrument Batteries for memory mode operation with the Pandora system and individual units can be purchased separately. LED’s indicate idle, charging and fully charged battery state.

Part Number: KIT-004-00A

 Pandora User Manual

 Pandora Quick Start Guide


1x      TES-ME-50008-0               Pandora Instrument Interface Unit, Model A, B, or C

1x      WIRE-004-003                    Pandora Instrument Cable

1x      WIRE-004-001                    USB Micro AB Cable, Gold

3x      HW-008-001-0033          Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Module

Assembly Included, Shipped in ESD Safe Packaging

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 x 10.5 x 4.5 in
USB Connection to Computer

C, Micro AB

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